Eating Your Own Cum

When I first started My “Eat Your Own Cum” listing on NiteFlirt, I had no idea how hugely popular it was going to be. So many of you are such little cum eating pervs lol. It really is so much fun to get your reaction after you have done it the first time. It is anywhere from “not too bad” to “EWW that was gross”, and  “I feel like such a little slut”. hehe, I love it and am soo proud of My guys who actually dont wimp out. For those who do wimp out, they get their own special place in the “Naughty Corner”, until they “finish the job”.. Needless to say , there arent all that many wimps since I started doing that! Wanna try?

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  1. Be careful guys. This sounds like a great idea… until you cum. Then she will absolutely force you. I’ve gone on cam twice for her and I wanted to back out each time.

  2. That surely sounds like fun Conny, and would absolutely want to get on cam with you. Really curious what you do to force those cums down the throat.

  3. I swallowed cum on cam for conny & even sucked my own dick for her . She is hands down the BEST !! Love swallowing cum for Conny , she made me a Jizz Slurper 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Goddess , you taught me very well & made me swallow it all like the little whore I am 😊 . I love being exposed as a connys cock sucker

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