Cross Dressing Cocksuckers

Crossdressing is your dirty little secret isn’t it? Well,one of them! You’ve got many pervy secrets,I know. You love  dressing up and going shopping. Just hoping the sales clerks don’t know the ladies clothes are for you and not your girlfriend or your sister as you always nervously tell her. Some of them buy it,others smirk and know what you’re up to…..

I had one of you boys call me the other day and tell me all about your day at the spa. They had called in ahead of time and told them they weren’t their typical customer to make sure it was ok,and it was ok so you had a full day of treatments. Facial,manicure,pedicure,full body waxing,hair conditioning and styling and of course full makeup.

They left that salon feeling their feminine best. Dressed up and ready to go clubbing and look for hot guys to have fun with. They did meet up with a guy and had some blow jobs. All that cum……Swallowing another mans cum right out of his cock. With his hand on the back of your head,gagging you with his cock. Naughty boy,dressed up in ladies lingerie and clothes hoping ones you know don’t come across your secret stash of clothes and high heeled shoes and wigs and makeup. Going out to clubs trolling for hot guys to suck off and take their loads down your throat.….tell me all about YOUR cross dressing escapades.  : )


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