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April 6, 2021
by Conny

Cum on your Own Face

If you have talked to me before, you know what my fave position for you is.. legs over your head….I love saying that to you on the phone, while watching you on cam actually do it. Legs over your head, masturbating, until you get ready to cum then I tell you open wide.. your cum splattters all over your face and in your mouth! Its so entertaining for me, its my fave. Come on, I know you wanna try 🙂

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December 5, 2020
by Conny

Masturbators Assignment

Hi Jerky boys, hey everyone needs to do this to get on my naughty list. You DO want to be on there dont you?

So here it is.. MASTURBATE DAILY.

Every. Day.

I know you can do it, even if you have to go in the bathroom and be sneaky, I like it better that way 🙂

And I want you to do it every day for the rest of December. Cum on a picture of me and send it to me 🙂

Call me and let me know how your assignment is coming along naughty boys 🙂

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May 5, 2020
by Conny

Eating Your Own Cum

When I first started My “Eat Your Own Cum” listing on NiteFlirt, I had no idea how hugely popular it was going to be. So many of you are such little cum eating pervs lol. It really is so much fun to get your reaction after you have done it the first time. It is anywhere from “not too bad” to “EWW that was gross”, and  “I feel like such a little slut”. hehe, I love it and am soo proud of My guys who actually dont wimp out. For those who do wimp out, they get their own special place in the “Naughty Corner”, until they “finish the job”.. Needless to say , there arent all that many wimps since I started doing that! Wanna try?

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April 5, 2020
by Conny

Panty Sniffer

Lots of My callers like to wear panties..others like to jerk off in them, rubbing them all over their cocks. What about dirty panties? Do you like to sniff them? Do you steal them out of someones dirty clothes basket? I made an MP3 for panty sniffers ..

Buy from Conny through

Call and tell Me about your naughty panty fetish.

Kiss from Conny : )

March 5, 2020
by Conny


Yesterday I had a caller who was at work, masturbating under his desk,.. he liked humiliation. So, knowing me, you can probably guess what he ended up doing, right? Legs over his head in the somersault position, cumming in his own face on the floor of his office. LOL, I feel so devious sometimes : )

February 5, 2020
by Conny
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Pillow Humpers

This is the funniest thing..guys who fuck their pillows, lol..Here is what one humper had to say.

 “I like to get horny then put a soft cotton shirt over my pillow (to catch the cum). Then hump away – it feels great!”

How Entertaining! Call Me the next time you are humping YOUR pillow LOL

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