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  • When you are addicted to masturbating

    You cant wait to  have a day off all to yourself.

    This will be a day of unconditional surrender to your penis, lol. You know that spending a whole day looking at porn and masturbating to it will only deepen your addiction to both, and you’re OK with that. You are totally addicted to the ecstasy that starts every time you put your hand on your penis and begin stroking.

    These are your favorite days, when you have nothing to do but masturbate for hours and hours. Literally all day. It deepens the addiction, but you love it so much… You WANT to get more and more addicted, dont you?

    You think about your secret life as a jack-off and you think to yourself “I wonder
    if any of these people suspect that I’m actually a meat-beating,
    hand-humping, pussy-deprived, jack-off chronic masturbator!”

    Sometimes You wish they knew… dont you? Sometimes you even jerk off to the thought of them finding out.

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