Ruined Orgasms

I dont do too many of these, but I know some guys love to edge for hours, holding off their cum until they cant stand it anymore (I love assisting in that) but some guys like ruined orgams. Heres a little assignment for you to see how you like it.

When you begin to feel your cum leaving your swollen balls  let go and walk around as your cock tries to push out your cream.  Allow your cock to spurt uncontrollably without you touching it. Imagine you are walking toward a female and you cant stop it, it is just coming out and you cant stop it. But you arent even touching it. It is a ruined orgasm because it would have felt soo much better to be stroking and squeezing it out, but it is something different for you to try.

Another way is to smack your cock head with a wooden spoon as you are just about to cum lol : )

Leave a comment if you did it and how you liked it.

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