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November 7, 2017
by Conny

When you are addicted to masturbating

You cant wait to  have a day off all to yourself.

This will be a day of unconditional surrender to your penis, lol. You know that spending a whole day looking at porn and masturbating to it will only deepen your addiction to both, and you’re OK with that. You are totally addicted to the ecstasy that starts every time you put your hand on your penis and begin stroking.

These are your favorite days, when you have nothing to do but masturbate for hours and hours. Literally all day. It deepens the addiction, but you love it so much… You WANT to get more and more addicted, dont you?

You think about your secret life as a jack-off and you think to yourself “I wonder
if any of these people suspect that I’m actually a meat-beating,
hand-humping, pussy-deprived, jack-off chronic masturbator!”

Sometimes You wish they knew… dont you? Sometimes you even jerk off to the thought of them finding out.

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November 5, 2017
by Conny

Addicted Masturbators

Almost no  single day goes by without many  incredible hours every day of frantic, constant edging-masturbating.  Your addiction requires more wanking, more than ever… today, more than yesterday. Tomorrow, more than today. Wanking, always wanking, wanking, wanking and nothing other than wanking. As you get older you will wank more and with more pleasure and your addiction will be even bigger.


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October 24, 2017
by Conny

What might happen if you dont eat like a good boy

Think twice, before deciding you are not going to eat for me. This happened a couple of years ago. A guy ended up on my blog(in the Naughty Corner) for not eating after I warned him of the consequences..I guess he didnt believe me or something and I dont think he even knew his picture was up.. he decides to run for his town president… Apparently someone in the town googled him, ran across my blog and made copies of his picture in which he was wanking off and put it in everyones mailbox.


October 6, 2017
by Conny

Do you have Male PMS?

Male PMS = Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome


It is an incurable chronic, progressively degenerative condition. You can
only learn to accept it in your lives, and deal with its consequences.

Constant masturbating.


Thats why you need ME : )

I encourage masturbating, and eating cum, and anything that makes you get even worse into your addiction.

Its so much fun to be a wanker isnt it?

Now go sit in your little masturbation chair.. i know you all have a favorite one.. lol.. and call and jerk off for me, and if you dare.. do it in front of a window.. outside somewhere… in your car.. and maybe you are hungry and will eat for me.. or else.

October 4, 2017
by Conny

Dear The Cum Countess…

Dear The Cum Countess,

PrematureEjaculator has sent you a Tribute in the amount of $10.00.

Here’s what PrematureEjaculator had to say:

I disconnected as a call was connecting to you earlier because I came too fast. I’m such a loser. Hope to actually hear the count down next time!



Call For your Countdown

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October 4, 2017
by Conny

Do you prefer wanking off to having sex with a girl???


The only thing you can think about is jerking your cock, no matter if its a tiny little one, or a bigger one.


Are you kind of sad after cumming? like you’re thinking, darn Im done and it felt so good.. then you cant wait to do it again, and you just keep on stroking, hoping it will get stiff again.


You should learn edging, if you havent already. Bring your cock up to the edge of orgasm but hold it in and dont let it cum. Do it for as long as you can without letting it cum.

If you do this, your orgasms will be even more intense.

Now get to practicing and become even more addicted.

And dont forget to call me in your delirious state of masturbating mind.

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