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September 5, 2018
by Conny

My Little Cum Eaters

Are you a cum eating perv?

I know you are,you told me about your pervy habits the last time we talked.  You know my tip about drinking pineapple juice to make your cum taste better? Lots of my guys are starting to do that now.

Some guys cum in an ice cube tray and have cum cubes in their drinks… And you thought a Coke or a Pepsi tasted better with a wedge of lemon……

Another actually said he shoots cum on his popcorn.

Another told me how he liked to spread chocolate syrup on his g/f’s dildo, and I said it would be nice if cum tasted like chocolate. He said no,it would be better if chocolate tasted like cum!

I bet it all started years ago. You normally came into a tissue and you didn’t have one handy, so you came into your hand, and you didn’t know what to do, so out of curiosity, you brought your hand up and sniffed it, and then gingerly dipped the tip of your tongue into it, to see what it was like.

Most try it sure ,but that taste, it did something to you, created a hunger in you. A hunger for your own cum. And even though you thought it was a weird thing,you lapped it all up and swallowed it.

I love my naughty little cum eaters!

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August 5, 2018
by Conny

Jerking off in Public

I love to make guys jerk off in public… Here is the story of one of my callers…. First it started in his car. (You’d be surprised how many guys call from their car.) He was doing it in the far off corner of the parking lot,then he started doing it while he was driving,and he’d drive alongside higher vehicles so people inside would look down and see. He’d pull up alongside SUV’s with women passengers and look up and smile at them as they looked on in shock.

Then he went to a drive thru and flashed the girl at the window as he jerked his cock. He got the shock though when she tossed the cup of coffee and aimed for his cock! He saw what was coming and shielded it with his hand and got the back of his hand burned!

One time he started masturbating in the elevator and wanted to see if he could cum before it got to his floor and the doors opened. He just got zipped back up as the doors opened and the cleaning lady was standing there lol

Are you brave enough? Call Me : )

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July 5, 2018
by Conny

Cross Dressing Cocksuckers

Crossdressing is your dirty little secret isn’t it? Well,one of them! You’ve got many pervy secrets,I know. You love  dressing up and going shopping. Just hoping the sales clerks don’t know the ladies clothes are for you and not your girlfriend or your sister as you always nervously tell her. Some of them buy it,others smirk and know what you’re up to…..

I had one of you boys call me the other day and tell me all about your day at the spa. They had called in ahead of time and told them they weren’t their typical customer to make sure it was ok,and it was ok so you had a full day of treatments. Facial,manicure,pedicure,full body waxing,hair conditioning and styling and of course full makeup.

They left that salon feeling their feminine best. Dressed up and ready to go clubbing and look for hot guys to have fun with. They did meet up with a guy and had some blow jobs. All that cum……Swallowing another mans cum right out of his cock. With his hand on the back of your head,gagging you with his cock. Naughty boy,dressed up in ladies lingerie and clothes hoping ones you know don’t come across your secret stash of clothes and high heeled shoes and wigs and makeup. Going out to clubs trolling for hot guys to suck off and take their loads down your throat.….tell me all about YOUR cross dressing escapades.  : )


May 25, 2018
by Conny

Cum Denial

It’s lots of fun to tease….and denial is even more fun. You KNOW your cock belongs to Me. All mine. Not your girlfriend,not your wife. ME. I am the one in total control of your orgasms,and you like it that way. You like awaiting my instructions on how to stroke your cock for me. And if I’ve told you that you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission,I expect you to obey. Even if the little woman wants some action.

I only wish I was a fly on the wall when you brush her off,and tell her some lame excuse as to why you can’t have fun. You sure can’t say,”Conny won’t let me cum yet!” That would be hilarious,but I know you and your bags would be in the driveway if you said that! So you dream up some excuse not to make love,even though your balls are aching and blue and begging for release.

I sit back and laugh thinking of you all squirming in your chairs,doing everything in your power to keep your hands off of your cock. You know you want to call again and again,since only I can give you permission to masturbate and cum.   Give me a call,and maybe,just maybe you can cum.

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April 19, 2018
by Conny

Exhibitionist Wankers

One of my naughty boys was telling me how much he enjoys being seen by others. He enjoys masturbating in front of his window and hoping some of the neighbors see him while walking by.

He doesn’t stand in front of the window,nothing quite that daring or obvious,he sits in his chair,and his window happens to be less than five feet from the sidewalk,which is fairly busy after  dinner.

He likes to know someone can catch a glimpse of him as he’s stroking his cock . He likes to look out at them and smile as he continues to stroke his cock when he sees them stop walking and looking down at his cock and then up at his smirking face as they have their mouths open in shock while he pumps away like the compulsive masturbating fiend that he is. His only desire is to drain his balls while being watched. Makes his cock all the harder.

He’s also done it while sunbathing nude on his backyard deck,when he knew the neighbor lady was going to be home that day and possibly see it out her kitchen window that overlooks his backyard.  He just pumps away without a care in the world hoping to be seen and shock the ladies. To be seen while cumming  is an extra bonus.  He likes knowing he can shoot over a half dozen squirts. He likes to impress them. lol

Are you an exhibitionist too?

March 25, 2018
by Conny

Ice Cubes in your Ass! lol

Another funny email that cracked Me up! A guy had bought one of My pics and wrote to ask if he could cum, I told him yes, but to put an ice cube in his ass first. He wrote back the next day saying this.

“talk about bad luck…my wife came home while I had the ice cube up my ass and I never got to cum!!”

LOL I can just see him trying to retain his composure, talking to his wife, with that ice cube melting in his ass : ) I love it.

March 5, 2018
by Conny


Once you start masturbating and especially edging theres NO going back and theres NO cure.  Your cock is a part of you and once addicted to edging your cock rules your life. You may as well admit it, you are addicted. Every waking moment, and even some non awake moments, the only thing on your mind is your cock.

I love making you edge until you cant stand it anymore. I love torturing your cock, until you are begging to cum.

You love it too : )

Masturbation is the most important thing in your life, you are proud of it arent you? You’ve fallen in love with your own cock lol.

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