Jerking Off at Work

I LOVE making men jerk off at work. Usually of course they have already started to, so its not that hard to “make”them.  I like to take it a step further with my one guy,, who got his cock so hard and worked up  while he was at work, I finally told him he could go in the bathroom and cum, but only if he walked past the girls that were also working on the way there.

These girls had been looking at him curiously all morning because he was all flustered and they kept asking him if he was ok.

He thought he was going to be able to cover up the bulge in his pants with a file. So he walked to the bathroom with a file in hand holding it nonchalantly over his crotch area. Well, it didnt exactly work out as planned. One of the girls walked over and asked if she could hold his files for him. LOL..he said “ok” and handed them over,,he is pretty sure she knew what was going on as she then said “have fun” LOL.

Doesnt that sound fun, naughty boys?? Call me from work!

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