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Sissy Slut Cum Eater

Hey there, naughty boys!  I’ve been thinking about you all day.  I wonder, what’s your favorite cum-eating scenario?   

As for me, I thought it’d be fun to maybe catch you in my panty drawer one day.  Maybe you weren’t expecting your girlfriend (me!) home from work so soon.  Or maybe you just got so caught up in dressing up like the little slut you are that you forgot to keep up with what time it was.  Either way, I think it’d be entertaining to walk in and “catch” you wearing some of my lingerie and prancing around in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom.

It’d be fun to listen to you stutter and try to explain to me how you just “happened” to find your way into my  lingerie.  But you already know you’re not going to fool me because I know you  too well.  Luckily for you, I think it’ll be fun to humiliate you further.

I think what I’ll do is have you lie down on your back on my bed and pull your legs up close to your chest, exposing your panty-covered ass to me.  Then, I’ll grab my dildo out of the drawer of my nightstand and put it right in your little sissy ass!  Between being dressed up like a slut and having your girlfriend fuck your asshole with her dildo, your dick is going to be so hard underneath those  panties of mine you’ve got on.

Maybe after you beg a little, I’ll let you play with that little clitty while I fuck you.  Rub it like the slutty girl you are!

Between the fucking and the stroking, you’re going to cum in seconds.  And because you’re rolled up in a little ball on your back, do you know where that cum is going to go?  Right on your face and into your mouth, where it belongs!  haha : )

Guys like doing disgusting things

This is one of the funniest emails I have received on Niteflirt, after a guy had eaten his own cum. Well, I thought it was funny anyway, lol.

Subject:  funnel

“That funnel trick you talked me into was disgusting. Let’s do it again sometime. Maybe you can think of something to make it even worse.”

I can think of more digusting ways but I am not sure he would go through with it? ; )

Maybe we will find out.

Public Humiliation






Yesterday I had a caller who was at work, masturbating under his desk,.. he liked humiliation. So, knowing me, you can probably guess what he ended up doing, right? Legs over his head in the somersault position, cumming in his own face on the floor of his office. LOL, I feel so devious sometimes : )

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