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Cuckolding – The Intellectual Sex Fetish

yup its true, read for yourself.

I just added a new guy to my blackmail pics. Eric decided to hang up before drinking his cum, but not before I got a pic of him finger fucking his little sissy poo ass.

Winter is almost here for alot of us, who is going to be next to jerk off outside in public for me?

I know you are so proud to be a Vaseline lubing, pud pulling JACK OFF !!!!!!!!



Dum Dum Dan

Dan went shopping and bought some panties and lipstick and tampons…Now he is sitting in the stairwell of his parents house whispering, drinking and snorting coke.
What do you all think? Good shade for him?

Introducing dummy dan

dummy dan is snorting coke and spending his unemployment check on Me, hmm actually thats rather smart : ) if it werent for the fact he is such a loser he still lives at home with his parents LOL


Hello Naughty bois,

I am thinking of making 2 more pages for this blog.. a page for sissy pictures (they do so love to show off sometimes lol) and a page for blackmail pictures. I have a couple of guys  who sent me pics and other info to blackmail them with and then proceeded to piss me off.. it has been awhile and they probly think I forgot all about it, haha, NOT. A deal is a deal and I have some pics to post : ) …. so just a word of warning, if you sent me pics in the past for blackmail purposes, you will be exposed, I havent forgotten. Maybe you shld try to get back in my good graces before its too late hmm? Who knows what else I will do with it besides posting it here.

On a lighter note, if you sissies want to be on my sissy page, dress yourselves up in your prettiest dress, and send it to me………….no naked sissies please .

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