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Contest Winner

The winner of the fave fantasy contest that was held in December is Happy!

Here is his entry.. and Happy.. you have email



The Contest

Conny picks up the phone and greets me with her usual, sexy voice. “Hello. I have a special treat in store for you today.”

“Fuck,” I think to myself with apprehensive excitement, “I’m already at the edge of my limits.”

“OK, Conny”, I say, “What do you require of me?”

“Get on cam first and I will explain it to you.” She says.

Reluctantly, I fired up the camera and immediately Conny said to me “Good boy! Now that I have you on cam, let me explain the ground rules of the contest.”

“Contest?” I managed to choke out of my now seemingly parched throat.

“Yes. Today you’re going to compete on cam with another caller. The rules are simple. The first of you to cum into a shot glass is safe. The last one to finish must guzzle all of their sweet cum down… On cam, of course, so this way I can make sure you eat it all. Now, no touching your cock until I say so. If the loser fails to eat his cum, his pic goes on my site – as per the usual rules!”

“Yes, Conny,” I murmur, astonished to myself that I’m somehow being dragged into something I didn’t expect.

Moments later, my Skype buzzes with the sound of a second incoming call from another person. I’m instructed by Conny to answer it. When I do it, another man looking just as astonished as me is sitting in front of his webcam. Very quickly, the competitive streak in me grabs hold and I think to myself “I can do this. I can win.” On the other end of the cam, I’m sure he was thinking the same thing.

Conny then instructs both of us to keep our hands visible and off our cocks until she says so. We both do as instructed and despite our excitement, the apprehension and nervousness we both feel is forcing us both to become flaccid without being able to touch ourselves. After one or two minutes, it appears that we’re both pretty soft and suddenly Conny says “GO!”

My hand reaches my cock in no time and I immediately begin stroking. My opponent does the same. Meanwhile, Conny is cheering us on and making mock humiliating statements towards us. I could sense I wasn’t becoming hard as fast as my opponent. He appeared to be fully erect while I was only semi-rigid.

But, suddenly, Conny tells me I better not lose or I’ll be her little cum slut today. Something about that fires me up and I have a raging hard cock at that point. My foe and I are stroking so fast, our cams turn our arms and hands into big blurs. Finally, after just a short time, I feel that familiar pressure building up in my cock. “I’m going to win,” I think to myself. I grab a hold of the shot glass and in mere seconds I’m spurting my load into the glass. I look up at the screen, barely oblivious of my orgasm just making sure that I’m about to win and I see my opponent grabbing for his. But, it’s too late for him. I’ve won. My proud loud is sitting in the bottom of the shot glass and I hold it up for Conny to see just as my enemy is shooting his load.

I see the look of exasperation come across his face because he knows what’s next. Conny congratulates me on a job well done and tells me I am to stay around to watch the festivities. My opponent sits in front of the camera and tells me “Good job, man. This sucks.” Conny is enjoying our predicament very much and kind of giggles with happiness. She tells him, “You know what’s next, right?” He says, “Yes.”

“Good,” Conny says. “Now before you eat all that yummy cum, I want you to wait a good minute just to make sure you’ve calmed down enough.”

I think to myself how difficult that’s going to be. It’s one thing to eat your own load right after cumming but to wait a solid minute would be nearly impossible. But, I’ll give credit where credit is due… My foe waited the full minute and when Conny told him it was time he drank it all down like a good cum slut.

Afterward, we all bid one another adieu and the game and night was over.

Days later, I decided to check Conny’s blog to see if any information about the little contest was on her site. When I went to the site, I saw my naked face and body plastered on the front page of her site. The headline read “Contest Loser!”

My face became red and flush with embarrassment. “Surely there must be some mistake? I know I won the contest!” I think to myself. I read the description of the days events and everything seemed so accurate. So, how did such a thing happen?

At the very bottom of the blog entry I see a little note written to me. “Everyone who gets on cam for Conny eats! Those who don’t know the price they’ll pay.”

Dear The Cum Countess,

Dear The Cum Countess,

PrematureEjaculator has sent you a Tribute in the amount of $10.00.

Here’s what PrematureEjaculator has to say:

I disconnected as a call was connecting to you earlier because I came too fast. I’m such a loser. Hope to actually hear the count down next time!






Your Bitchy Girlfriend’s Phone Accidentally Called You

Your Bitchy Girlfriend is out.. again… only this time, I am fumbling thru my purse and accidentally hit the redial button and called you without knowing it. You answer and keep saying hello? hello? and all of a sudden you realize that I didn’t mean to call you , because you start over hearing a conversation Im having.. it could be with another guy.. it could be with a girlfriend, telling her how I cheat on you.. omg what if I am right in the middle of ..well, you know.. : )


Its my new listing! Not even approved yet but you can be the first to call it Here

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