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Public Masturbation

One of the things I love to do is have a guy go outdoors somewhere, in his car, or even stand in front of his window………… and stroke!
Surely, lying on the same bed, wank after wank has to get boring. Maybe we can start you out sort of slow in front of a window.

THEN…..we will move on up, or should I say OUT : )

Are you ready for YOUR public masturbation lessons??


ext: 9436-981

A True Addicted Masturbator

Devotes free time to masturbation; sets aside money for items and purchases items which he thinks will enhance his masturbation experience

sets aside hours, days, weeks, weekends, vacation days, vacation weeks for the sole purpose of uninhibited masturbation;

is often disappointed when having  had an orgasm, knowing that the time for masturbation is over temporarily, because he wants to masturbate forever and thinks that when it comes down to it, all he really truly wants to do is Masturbate.

Any other definitions of what you think a true addicted masturbator is?

Is your goal to become  a Truly Addicted Masturbator?

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