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Public Disgrace

I love making guys do public stuff.. the latest was making a guy save his cum and then the next time he got horny(which of course was the same day) he had to call me, and I told him to smear the cum all over his face…he was surprised as he thought I was just going to have him eat it.

 He smeared it all over his face ( on cam) and it was reeeal messy : ) I then told him that since I knew he was horny and wanted to cum again, he couldnt. Not unless he did as I told him. I had taken a snapshot of his cum smeared face and told him I was going to post it on my blog for anyone to see, unless he got in his car and drove to the nearest store. WITH the cum on his face// and to prove it he had to stay on the phone and as soon as he got home, he had to get on cam again and show me that he hadnt wiped it off….lets just say he was pretty embarrassed walking thru that store and also having to buy something for added fun lol. He was a good boy and when he got home he did indeed still have a very messy face, so I aloowed him to cum. He then asked do I have to save this cum also? haha, of course, I said yes, because it was too much fun. I told him if he jerked off again before calling  to throw the old cum out and save the new cum.  We want fresh cum for his next trip to the store.

My boys have been doing so good , so no new pics to post under the blackmail page! aww lol

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