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Happy New Year!


Is your new years resolution to jerk off more? I hope so! I love addicted masturbators.

Do any of you have a goal you would like to reach? Like increasing the time you spend masturbating…trying always to masturbate more than yesterday?

Happy New Year to all you meat beating, dick whacking, “chicken choking”, jerk off masturbators!!! lol

Happy Holidays To My Chronic Masturbators!

Hello naughty Wankers!

Hello there boys….Have you been being a good little perv for Me and Santa? Been up to anything naughty you feel you need to tell me about? Like maybe you were thinking about me and our last call and you just HAD to go jerk off in the bathroom at work and pray your co worker didn’t come in and find out what you were up to?

Maybe you were driving home from work and couldn’t stop thinking about me and started stroking your cock as you drove. You silly stroker,don’t you know that’s dangerous!? Dont forget to call me while you are doing that! lol

You know,I had one guy call me,he’s a police officer and he told me a funny story. He was thinking about me and was so horny remembering our last call that while he was on duty,he pulled his patrol car into a deserted neighborhood and had to masturbate right there in the car because he was so excited and he couldn’t wait any longer. I was amused to say the least,and thought how “amused” his boss might be thinking of one of his officers masturbating in the patrol car while on duty.

You boys never cease to entertain me with your tales of being overcome with horniness. You love the idea of being caught,knowing you have to be quiet and fast and rub one out on the sly, dont you?

Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy Wanking : )

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