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Jerking off In Public

How many of you jerk off in public? I like to make you do that : )

Do you jerk off while driving? In front of your window? In an adult theatre? A bus? A Train? At work, at your desk?

I want to hear all about it! I know you little pervs like to talk about it : )

Happy Wanking boys!! Stay as naughty as you are.



20 comments to Jerking off In Public

  • David Be Good

    I use to enjoy driving around malls and masterbating, hoping a woman would glance inside the car and see me. (many did)…Then I grew older and they stopped laughing and was disgusted. So to make them laugh again I drove around sucking on a Dildo. That lasted till one day the cops were called….The Judge told me he would put me Under the jail if I was ever caught again…I’ve never done it since…..Although I still got alot of good memories:)….BTW the judge only charged me with harassment since nothing like this had ever come before,,,
    Jeez, Don’t have enough space left to talk about my ex-neighbor…( she saw me at the mall once…lmao)

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  • haha beware of guys driving around sucking on their dildos.

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  • John

    I jerk off in my car sometimes. I’ve come all over myself and had to walk from my car to my door with cum all over my shirt.

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  • Geoff

    I think my co-worker saw me cumming one day at work. she like laughed at me for 2 weeks straight. i think she told another girl because that girl called me a perv one day. after she called me perv i went into bathroom to prove her right

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  • Conny

    You ARE a little perv, you are a fun perv : )

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  • paul

    I love driving around, flashing my cock. I especially like doing it right after the schools are let out for the day. I will play with my cock as all the girls are walking by

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  • Conny

    paul you are a pervert

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  • tanya

    I really enjoy jerking myself off in public. I work for a local telephone company. When at work I am surounded by hot young women. About a month ago, I was sitting in the break room, feeling really horny! i was alone so I decided to start stroking my cock. I could smell perfume on the chair I was sitting on from the girl who was here before me, and this just excited me even more. Itr didn’t take long and I was squirting my cum all over the place. That’s when I noticed jennifer, she is an office gossip, and she saw everything The next day when I arrived at work, I noticed all the girls smilling and laughing when I walked by. Needless to say, I was so humiliated!

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  • stan

    I have been jerking off in public places for many years. recently my neighbor (Fem) caught me and demanded I submit to her or she would call the cops. I submitted. She now enjoys taking me places, (beach, adult stores, female lingerie stores, etc.) and telling the females there that I will do ANYTHING they tell me too. I have been made to strip, jerkoff and always swallow my own cum. The humiliation she wanted never came as I have enjoyed every minute and have been able to jack my cock publically for many women to enjoy. Last night I was in a sexy lingerie store, the sales girls had me strip, put on crotchless panties aney took turns ass fucking me with theur strapons. They included customers and one called her brother, who ran right over and after fucking my ass made me suck him and swallow his cum load. I have been spanked and had my balls kicked (one time I wass kicked so hard I threw up), I have been gang banged and made to suck cum from assholes. Well more later.

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  • James

    Jerking off in public has been an attraction for me since I was 13 years old. Over the years, I have perfected it to the point that I never get seen until I want to. I’m 42 now and I’ve never had a problem with the ladies…jerking off isn’t something I HAVE to do, lol. It’s just that doing it in public is so totally erotic and the taboo/risk involved really does it for me. I don’t know why. But, as I mentioned, I’ve perfected it over the years. As a contractor, I have plenty of opportunities to jerk off in unique places…on a customer’s roof or in their yards if the property is semi-secluded. Usually, I jerk off in my drive-way at night but sometimes, I do it during the day too. My car is parked to block the traffic on our highway to a certain extent, but it allows just a glance if a person is looking the right way while driving by. Yesterday, I had my cock in my hand stroking it and watching the cars go by when a woman made eye contact with me…she was the passenger in an SUV. Although I never get the chance to see their reaction, I always cum instantly. A beautiful blonde was walking by the other night just as it was getting dark…I could see her walking my way a couple of hundreds yards off, so I stood behind my car and took my clothes off real quick. When she walked by, she glanced over at me while I was sitting against my house masturbating…she looked over at me and her eyes got wide and I started squirting immediately. She got a goofy grin on her face and kept watching as she walked passed my house. Now that was pretty freaking awesome!
    Recently, I’ve found a wonderful place at our local Home Depot to jerk-off…the parking spot allows me to park away from other cars, open both of the side doors, pull my cock out and jerk-off while facing a major highway. The traffic coming towards the Home Depot parking lot can’t see me very well, but the traffic heading away gets a pretty clear shot. I’ve stood there a couple of times over the last few weeks squirting my cum towards the gorgeous women driving by. Although there is much of a chance to make eye contact or know for sure if someone sees me, it still gives me a rush.
    In the many years I’ve been doing this, I’ve masturbated in libraries, customers’ homes, video stores, shopping centers, in the middle of fields, driving on the interstate, roofs, hotel windows, hotel halls…you name it, I’ve masturbated there. I jerked off while my gorgeous customer was in the next room working on her computer. The thought of getting seen by women somehow intrigues me to a point of instantaneous orgasm…maybe there’s a part of me that hopes that once in a while, it turns one of the women on so much that they go home and masturbate to the thought of me sitting there with my pants around my ankles jerking-off in such a public place. Or maybe it’s just that it’s so taboo. I don’t know, but I’m sure that I’ve squirted hundreds of gallons of cum trying to figure it out. Speaking of which….

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  • derrick

    I have jerked off at work a few times. at my desk with the secretaries in plain view. I have cum on floor under my desk or in a paper towel. I cant help it I need relief so what the hell..

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  • cj

    I have jerked off in the street with cars driving by,sometimes they stop and watch. I have done it in front of women I work with. I have done on the side walk in front of women,most don’t seem to mind,some stop and talk to me . I have done it at the laundrymat,town square,in the car,video store,and everywhere I have ever worked. I love it when women catch me rubbing my cock.

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  • Hey Conny –

    I love to jerk off in public. I’ve done it many times be it in my car driving down the freeway, around town in traffic, or parked somewhere busy. I loved arching up so my cock could be seen by passersby. The thrill was always hoping some gal would see me and want to help out. So far, just me though. I’ve also jerked off in public parks, back-road intersections fully nude. Down walking trails at night fully naked with my clothes back in the car! Thrilling to be 100’s of yards away from being able to cover up if caught. Even started jerking during work one time where there was only a handful of us in the office. As I was being discrete, an older lady came up to me and began a conversation. I had to sit there with my throbbing cock just barely out of sight under the edge of a three ring binder positioned on my desk. She was literally inches from my boner without knowing it. lol

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  • ralph piperata

    hey connie i love to jerk off in front of window . i live in florida lots of windows in my mobile home

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  • jake

    Let’s see, I guess I’ve jerked off while driving a few times… once while lying next to a pool, very early in the morning, next to a high rise where anybody could look down and see… a few times in the woods near the road side… once on a full airplane, under a blanket, and a few times in bathrooms on planes and trains… a few times in those peep shows, with two-way windows… a few times outside at night, in a yard… I don’t know if webcams count, but once I had a girl on LiveJasmin make me lift the shade in a hotel room and jerk for the office across the way… I’ll bet I could think of more if I tried…

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  • Tom

    I have always jerked off in public. I do it in front of my picture window as women walk by. I also park in parking lots and do it. I go to nude beaches and jerk off.

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  • Polar

    I have been jerking off in public for 40 years. As I have gotten older I take more and more risks. Was parked on the street by a store the other day jerking my cock and a guy and girl walked by and didn’t glance in, but the lady walking right behind them looked straight down at my hand pumping my cock. As she walked away I saw her pulling out her phone so got out of there. I always have my camera on video aimed at my cock up towards the window so got her staring straight down at my cock.

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  • Im not a criminal but I love to stroke myself to women from my car. most of them actually like it, or so it seems. I also have this crazy erotic lust for my cousin tina!! most of my stroke time is in tina world!!! and damn can I bust a crazy nut thinkin of her and her mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock!!!! oh fucking yes connie!! you are hot yourself…. I bust thinkin of you too!!!!!!

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  • ARE THERE ANY WOMEN OUT THERE THAT CAN UNDERSTAND WHY A HOT FEMALE COUSIN CAN BE A HOT FANTASY??? It may very well be taboo but it is also erotic and hot and it makes my cock so fucking hard even before I wake the fuck up in the morning…….then I shoot a double shot of cum while playing out the “fantasy” its wrong!!! but that is what makes it even more erotic!!!!!

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