Monthly Archives: July 2010


Hello Naughty bois,

I am thinking of making 2 more pages for this blog.. a page for sissy pictures (they do so love to show off sometimes lol) and a page for blackmail pictures. I have a couple of guys  who sent me pics and other info to blackmail them with and then proceeded to piss me off.. it has been awhile and they probly think I forgot all about it, haha, NOT. A deal is a deal and I have some pics to post : ) …. so just a word of warning, if you sent me pics in the past for blackmail purposes, you will be exposed, I havent forgotten. Maybe you shld try to get back in my good graces before its too late hmm? Who knows what else I will do with it besides posting it here.

On a lighter note, if you sissies want to be on my sissy page, dress yourselves up in your prettiest dress, and send it to me………….no naked sissies please .

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