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Are you worried that you Masturbate too much?

Isolate the cause. There is a reason you masturbate soo much. It feels great! If you concentrate on stopping masturbation then you will become boring and even might start thinking about having real sex lol. You’re going to have to get yourself in a relaxed state for productive masturbation so you don’t get carried away by stupid things like family outings, and pleasing your wife or girlfriend. Saying you masturbate because it feels good  IS the real reason. If you find this hard to admit you may need more phone sex to help you discover feelings you are not seeing clearly right now : ) .

Is your Masturbation habit a cause for concern?

If you are not stroking your cock or at least THINKING about stroking your cock during your every waking hour,  you need to be concerned! lol…Masturbation should become an obsession that interferes with your daily routine and your relationships. If you find yourself masturbating instead of spending time on more supposedly important things on a daily basis  then it might be time to celebrate by calling Me and confessing all of your “sins”: ).


Ice Cubes in your Ass! lol


Another funny email that cracked Me up! A guy had bought one of My pics and wrote to ask if he could cum, I told him yes, but to put an ice cube in his ass first. He wrote back the next day saying this.

“talk about bad luck…my wife came home while I had the ice cube up my ass and I never got to cum!!”

LOL I can just see him trying to retain his composure, talking to his wife, with that ice cube melting in his ass : ) I love it.

Guys like doing disgusting things

This is one of the funniest emails I have received on Niteflirt, after a guy had eaten his own cum. Well, I thought it was funny anyway, lol.

Subject:  funnel

“That funnel trick you talked me into was disgusting. Let’s do it again sometime. Maybe you can think of something to make it even worse.”

I can think of more digusting ways but I am not sure he would go through with it? ; )

Maybe we will find out.

Blow Up Dolls

Call Conny

I just had a caller who said his wife cuckolds him, and while she is fucking other guys, he gets to fuck his blow up doll, who he even named (name withheld to protect the innocent lol). I would love to watch someone fuck a blow up doll on cam. While he was on the phone with Me, she (the doll) gave him a blowjob, and he blew his load all over her pretty little face. lol, he was supposed to lick it off her face but he wimped out.

Till next time, My little pervert boys.




Lots of My callers like to wear panties..others like to jerk off in them, rubbing them all over their cocks. What about dirty panties? Do you like to sniff them? Do you steal them out of someones dirty clothes basket? I made an MP3 for panty sniffers yesterday.

Call and tell Me about your naughty panty fetish.

Kiss from Conny : )

Pillow Humpers

This is the funniest thing..guys who fuck their pillows, lol..Here is what one humper had to say.

 “I like to get horny then put a soft cotton shirt over my pillow (to catch the cum). Then hump away – it feels great!”

How Entertaining! Call Me the next time you are humping YOUR pillow LOL

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