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Role Playing

Call Conny

Hello naughty ones.

As you will see, I am very diverse in the types of calls I will do. I love to role play also. Most recently was a boss/secretary role play where I would do “anything” for a raise lol.

But I like it the other way around too, where I am the boss, and I catch you jerking off, and make you stand there and do it right in front of Me, while I laugh at your little dick : )

Call and Tell Me your Favorite Role Play.

Tll next time,


Public Humiliation






Yesterday I had a caller who was at work, masturbating under his desk,.. he liked humiliation. So, knowing me, you can probably guess what he ended up doing, right? Legs over his head in the somersault position, cumming in his own face on the floor of his office. LOL, I feel so devious sometimes : )

Eating Your Own Cum

When I first started My “Eat Your Own Cum” listing on NiteFlirt, I had no idea how hugely popular it was going to be. So many of you are such little cum eating pervs lol. It really is so much fun to get your reaction after you have done it the first time. It is anywhere from “not too bad” to “EWW that was gross”, and sometimes “I feel like such a little slut”. hehe, I love it and am soo proud of My guys who actually dont wimp out.  Wanna try?

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