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The Jerk Shirt!!

omg how many of you would actually wear this lol




You just never know

Think twice, wanker boys, before deciding you are not going to eat for me. This happened a couple of years ago but I wanted to be a bit discreet about it until it blew over. Apparently someone in the town ran across my blog and made copies of his picture and put it in everyones mailbox.




omg There’s A Japanese Game Show Where Guys Sing While Getting Jerked Off

lol think they have to make it to end of song without cumming!

Kind of like my countdown line ha


How is your eye sight these days? lol

Father says, “Son if you don’t stop that you’ll go blind.” Son responds, “Dad, I am over here.”



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Mistress Zellana


Some Listings I thought Would be Fun and Different

Your Bitchy Girlfriend

The Cum Countess