You just never know

Think twice, wanker boys, before deciding you are not going to eat for me. This happened a couple of years ago but I wanted to be a bit discreet about it until it blew over. Apparently someone in the town ran across my blog and made copies of his picture and put it in everyones mailbox.





Public Masturbation

Along with forcing guys to eat their own cum, I LOVE public masturbation calls.. at work.. in store dressing rooms.. parks, your car.. wherever..

Whats your fave public place to jerk off?

Best story wins 3 free minutes

Talk to you soon naughty wankers!
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Public Masturbators

ok guys can you TRY to be a little more discrete??

Man caught furiously masturbating in a supermarket was genuinely surprised to be seen

An Oklahoma man who was arrested for masturbating in the middle of a supermarket said he was was genuinely surprised people had seen him.

Police received a call at around 12:45pm on Saturday from two Walmart customers who had seen Derek Bennett nonchalantly strolling around the store with his penis out, masturbating.

Though shocked shoppers told security, the 26-year-old managed to finish up and leave the store before the police arrived.

Officers chased Bennett in their patrol car and pulled him over.

According to KRMG TV, the man immediately admitted to exposing himself when in custody, but was genuinely surprised that he had been spotted.

He faces multiple counts of indecent exposure.

The real question of course is why Walmart?

Perhaps because it was a Walmart ‘Tire and Lube Express’ (I’m not even joking – that’s what it’s called).

This incident comes just a fortnight after a man was sentenced for playing with himself in libraries while clutching a cucumber.

OMG are you a Cucumber Masturbator??

Yes, it is possible to love cucumber too much lol


Serial cucumber masturbator sentenced after being recognised in library


A judge has sentenced a man who was seen masturbating in a public library while holding a cucumber – and it wasn’t for the first time.

Fredrick Tennyson Davis, 49, was at the Agincourt Library in Toronto, Canada, on 31 May when he was spotted by staff.

Library employees recognised the man from the last time he had been caught in flagrante delicto with a salad item after he was seen carrying out the same lewd act in the library back in April.

Constable David Hopkinson of the Toronto Police Service revealed that subtlety was not Mr Davis’ strong suit.

‘On April 7, he sits down and a 26-year-old woman sits next to him and he opens up his laptop,’

The man then started masturbating with one hand while clutching a cucumber with the other, Hopkinson said.

Mr Davis was charged with an indecent act and two counts of failure to comply with probation. York Regional Police Constable Andy Pattenden revealed that Mr Davis was charged with a similar act back in June 2012 at a different library.

It isn’t known whether Mr Davis recycles the cucumbers or uses a fresh one each time.

The judge handed down a suspended sentence and 12 months probation to the man.

When pressed as to whether Mr Davis had posed a threat to library staff, Constable Hopkinson remarked:

‘I don’t think he had any free hands to make a threat.’



Do you have Male PMS?

Male PMS = Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome


It is an incurable chronic, progressively degenerative condition. You can
only learn to accept it in your lives, and deal with its consequences.

Constant masturbating.


Thats why you need ME : )

I encourage masturbating, and eating cum, and anything that makes you get even worse into your addiction.

Its so much fun to be a wanker isnt it?

Now go sit in your little masturbation chair.. i know you all have a favorite one.. lol.. and buy a couple of my goody bags, and jerk off for me.


I still dont have enough pics that you all have cummed on! I want to make a whole new page of just pics that have been splattered on. So print your favorite one out, and splatter your splooge! Send it to me so I can start collecting them! Be a good boy and just do it.



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