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March 5, 2020
by Conny


Yesterday I had a caller who was at work, masturbating under his desk,.. he liked humiliation. So, knowing me, you can probably guess what he ended up doing, right? Legs over his head in the somersault position, cumming in his own face on the floor of his office. LOL, I feel so devious sometimes : )

February 5, 2020
by Conny

Pillow Humpers

This is the funniest thing..guys who fuck their pillows, lol..Here is what one humper had to say.

 “I like to get horny then put a soft cotton shirt over my pillow (to catch the cum). Then hump away – it feels great!”

How Entertaining! Call Me the next time you are humping YOUR pillow LOL

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January 5, 2020
by Conny

Blow Up Dolls

I just had a caller who said his wife cuckolds him, and while she is fucking other guys, he gets to fuck his blow up doll, who he even named (name withheld to protect the innocent lol). I would love to watch someone fuck a blow up doll on cam. While he was on the phone with Me, she (the doll) gave him a blowjob, and he blew his load all over her pretty little face. lol, he was supposed to lick it off her face but he wimped out.

Till next time, My little pervert boys.


November 5, 2019
by Conny

Is your Masturbation habit a cause for concern?

If you are not stroking your cock or at least THINKING about stroking your cock during your every waking hour,  you need to be concerned! lol…Masturbation should become an obsession that interferes with your daily routine and your relationships. If you find yourself masturbating instead of spending time on more supposedly important things on a daily basis  then it might be time to celebrate by calling Me and confessing all of your “sins”  : )

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October 5, 2019
by Conny
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You Need To Masturbate More!

Deal with your feelings. Dealing with feelings correctly is a skill and may be a skill you have forgotten or need to learn. Feelings are heavily associated with your cock. How you interpret the world and yourself depends solely upon how much you masturbate. People that ignore their cocks become bored and frustrated. If you want to be happy, you MUST masturbate, For ME, of course.

September 5, 2019
by Conny

Jerking Off at Work

I LOVE making men jerk off at work. Usually of course they have already started to, so its not that hard to “make”them.  I like to take it a step further with my one guy,, who got his cock so hard and worked up  while he was at work, I finally told him he could go in the bathroom and cum, but only if he walked past the girls that were also working on the way there.

These girls had been looking at him curiously all morning because he was all flustered and they kept asking him if he was ok.

He thought he was going to be able to cover up the bulge in his pants with a file. So he walked to the bathroom with a file in hand holding it nonchalantly over his crotch area. Well, it didnt exactly work out as planned. One of the girls walked over and asked if she could hold his files for him. LOL..he said “ok” and handed them over,,he is pretty sure she knew what was going on as she then said “have fun” LOL.

Doesnt that sound fun, naughty boys?? Call me from work!

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August 5, 2019
by Conny

Sissy Slut Cum Eater

Hey there, naughty boys!  I’ve been thinking about you all day.  I wonder, what’s your favorite cum-eating scenario?

As for me, I thought it’d be fun to maybe catch you in my panty drawer one day.  Maybe you weren’t expecting your girlfriend (me!) home from work so soon.  Or maybe you just got so caught up in dressing up like the little slut you are that you forgot to keep up with what time it was.  Either way, I think it’d be entertaining to walk in and “catch” you wearing some of my lingerie and prancing around in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom.

It’d be fun to listen to you stutter and try to explain to me how you just “happened” to find your way into my  lingerie.  But you already know you’re not going to fool me because I know you  too well.  Luckily for you, I think it’ll be fun to humiliate you further.

I think what I’ll do is have you lie down on your back on my bed and pull your legs up close to your chest, exposing your panty-covered ass to me.  Then, I’ll grab my dildo out of the drawer of my nightstand and put it right in your little sissy ass!  Between being dressed up like a slut and having your girlfriend fuck your asshole with her dildo, your dick is going to be so hard underneath those  panties of mine you’ve got on.

Maybe after you beg a little, I’ll let you play with that little clitty while I fuck you.  Rub it like the slutty girl you are!

Between the fucking and the stroking, you’re going to cum in seconds.  And because you’re rolled up in a little ball on your back, do you know where that cum is going to go?  Right on your face and into your mouth, where it belongs!  haha : )

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July 5, 2019
by Conny

Trying To Stop Masturbating?

I can respect that..and I even tried to support it (for like 2 minutes).

I admire your good trying to quit Niteflirt, throwing away all of your dildos and other toys, closing your account trying to stop your addiction to NF , masturbating and Me…But I love it when I hear from you again, you have made a new account, and are stroking away and admitting that you failed at quitting but you dont have your toys anymore…you say you will restock, and that you are going back to unlimited self indulgence and allowing your/MY cock to make you feel so weak and helpless. But you are happy! And so am I : )

So have fun shopping for new toys! Ill talk to you soon : )