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July 5, 2019
by Conny

Trying To Stop Masturbating?

I can respect that..and I even tried to support it (for like 2 minutes).

I admire your good trying to quit Niteflirt, throwing away all of your dildos and other toys, closing your account trying to stop your addiction to NF , masturbating and Me…But I love it when I hear from you again, you have made a new account, and are stroking away and admitting that you failed at quitting but you dont have your toys anymore…you say you will restock, and that you are going back to unlimited self indulgence and allowing your/MY cock to make you feel so weak and helpless. But you are happy! And so am I : )

So have fun shopping for new toys! Ill talk to you soon : )

June 5, 2019
by Conny

Ruined Orgasms

I dont do too many of these, but I know some guys love to edge for hours, holding off their cum until they cant stand it anymore (I love assisting in that) but some guys like ruined orgams. Heres a little assignment for you to see how you like it.

When you begin to feel your cum leaving your swollen balls  let go and walk around as your cock tries to push out your cream.  Allow your cock to spurt uncontrollably without you touching it. Imagine you are walking toward a female and you cant stop it, it is just coming out and you cant stop it. But you arent even touching it. It is a ruined orgasm because it would have felt soo much better to be stroking and squeezing it out, but it is something different for you to try.

Another way is to smack your cock head with a wooden spoon as you are just about to cum lol : )

Leave a comment if you did it and how you liked it.

May 5, 2019
by Conny

Jerking off In Public

How many of you jerk off in public? I like to make you do that : )

Do you jerk off while driving? In front of your window? In an adult theatre? A bus? A Train? At work, at your desk?

I want to hear all about it! I know you little pervs like to talk about it 🙂

Happy Wanking boys!! Stay as naughty as you are.





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April 5, 2019
by Conny


Hello Naughty Boys! What a bunch of little cocksuckers you are! Or want to be!  You want to suck cock so bad its all you can think about, some of you would rather suck a cock than lick a pussy! You want to be forced to suck a cock and be humiliated while doing it, being called faggot (not that theres anything wrong with that, I love gay guys)..but the word gay isnt enough for you isnt it? You like to be called faggot lol. Dirty little cum eating cock sucking faggot. Dreaming about cock night and day and pulling on your little faggot stick…haha there is never a dull day with you boys.

Tell me how much you want to suck a big  juicy cock.

Talk to you soon little cocksuckers,

Love ,


February 5, 2019
by Conny

Masturbation Control

You masturbate way too much. It has gotten out of hand. You need more structure in your life. You need someone to take control of when you get to masturbate and if you are allowed to cum. You’re looking for someone who makes you call to check in and that makes you ask for permission to jack off , and requires that you jack off only while you are on the phone with. That someone would be me of course : )

Has your jerking off gotten out of control?

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January 5, 2019
by Conny
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Cuckolds love Creampie

I know what you want for dessert tonight…creampie! And I’m not talking banana……You can’t get enough of creampie. Licking another guys cum out of your womans pussy. Yum yum!

She’s been a naughty girl and going out on dates behind your back. And we know why,don’t we?  Because your mini dick isn’t big enough to keep her happy. So……she goes out with real men,and comes home with a pussy dripping full of a few loads of cum. Cum that has been put there by another guy. And as you take that walk of shame down the hall with your head hanging down following behind her to the bedroom, knowing you’re no longer man enough to be allowed to fuck her,she takes off her clothes and lays down before you. Spreading open her legs,you get between them and bury your face in and start to lick it all out. Every warm gooey drop of it. You cum licking perv,you…..

Taste good? Imagining his hard, hot, HUGE cock pumping in load after load into her. And he can stay hard and fuck all night. Unlike you , most likely also a premature ejaculator, right?  Boy,you’re really a winner,aren’t you!?  Tiny and a one minute man. No WONDER she’s out with other guys!

Oh well I am here for you, little one, while she’s out fucking other guys   : )

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December 22, 2018
by Conny

Happy Holidays To My Chronic Masturbators!

Hello naughty Wankers!

Hello there boys….Have you been being a good little perv for Me and Santa? Been up to anything naughty you feel you need to tell me about? Like maybe you were thinking about me and our last call and you just HAD to go jerk off in the bathroom at work and pray your co worker didn’t come in and find out what you were up to?

Maybe you were driving home from work and couldn’t stop thinking about me and started stroking your cock as you drove. You silly stroker,don’t you know that’s dangerous!? Dont forget to call me while you are doing that! lol

You know,I had one guy call me,he’s a police officer and he told me a funny story. He was thinking about me and was so horny remembering our last call that while he was on duty,he pulled his patrol car into a deserted neighborhood and had to masturbate right there in the car because he was so excited and he couldn’t wait any longer. I was amused to say the least,and thought how “amused” his boss might be thinking of one of his officers masturbating in the patrol car while on duty.

You always entertain me with your stories of being overcome with horniness. You love the idea of being caught,knowing you have to be quiet and fast and rub one out on the sly, dont you?

Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy Wanking : )